Southeast Connection Funding

Through the support of Saskatchewan Lotteries, Southeast Connection provides funding assistance to south east communities for program development, training and leadership. These funding opportunities assist to eliminate barriers to program implementation, so community groups can offer a wide variety of sport, culture and recreation activities for the benefit of the entire community. Check out our Programs and Services Information

Online Funding Applications

We now have customized, fillable forms available to our communities for all of our funding programs!  To view and use our savable, fillable PDF forms, Adobe Reader is required and can be obtained for free on the Adobe website. Hand-written applications will not be accepted. Note: You must save the form then you will be able to enter the data into the form fields.

Recognition from Approved Applicants

Approved applicants are required to recognize Southeast Connection and Saskatchewan Lotteries in their promotions whenever possible. When applicable, recognition may include but is not limited to:

  • Logo on your website with a link back to the Saskatchewan Lotteries website: 
  • Logo on your website with a link back to the Southeast Connection website:
  • Logo or advertisement in online or print promotions and communications that may include; advertisements, brochure, programs, posters, news articles or social media posts
  • Verbal recognition or a speaking opportunity at your program or event
  • Event signage including banners (please contact Saskatchewan Lotteries below)
  • Permanent/semi-permanent signage including plaques, banners, wall signage, building signage
  • Southeast Connection is on Facebook and Twitter. Tag us in your posts from your activity and share your photos with us!
    SEC Facebook and Twitter: Southeast Connection, handle:[email protected]

For a Saskatchewan Lotteries logo that you can use for recognition in your promotional materials please contact their communications department at 306.780.9382 (Nancy Paskewitz) or 306.780.9342 (Tammy Hager).

For the Saskatchewan Lotteries Graphic Standards and beneficiary materials order form for banners, conference folders, print ads, logos, vinyl banners, signage, nametags and more click here.

For a Southeast Connection logo please contact Kirsten Regel at 306.780.9814.

Sample Advertisements:

Saskatchewan Lotteries 5x8 Colour Ad Jpg

Saskatchewan Lotteries Black & White 3.635 x 4.875 ad (1/4 page)


Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program

The purpose of the Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program (ACSDGP) is to provide greater sport participation and development opportunities for Aboriginal youth in Saskatchewan. The program will assist and support the implementation of organized community sport programs to increase sport opportunities for youth in the Aboriginal community, specifically in urban, rural, on-reserve, and isolated communities.

Application deadlines: April 1st and November 1st.

*Please use a Google Chrome browser to fill out the online application as other browsers may crash and not allow you to use certain features

(Guidelines) (Application) (Follow-up)


Activity Assistance

Through Activity Assistance, Communities and organizations can apply for support for sport, culture, and recreation funding for opportunities such as a physical activity initiative, cultural program or a sport clinic. The purpose of the assistance is to help remove barriers to participation and assist organizations and groups to provide affordable sport, culture and recreational development opportunities.

Note: We have a new online version of our application form, only online applications submitted through this form will be accepted. After completing the form, you will receive an email with a copy of all of your answers. Please set aside approximately 20 minutes to complete the form.

Important Notice: New deadlines and guidelines came into effect on December 1, 2016. Changes include: deadlines will be quarterly instead of monthly: Dec. 1, March 1, June 1, September 1.

Once you are in the online application you will not be able to go back to previous pages within the application. Please review and print the guidelines ahead of time for reference and to review the questions in the sample application found in the link below called PDF Copy of Application & Guidelines. 

*Please use a Google Chrome browser to fill out the online application as other browsers may crash and not allow you to use certain features

(Online Application & Guidelines)

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Recreation Equipment Program

**Please note the Guidelines and Application and the new deadlines**

Through the Recreation Equipment Program, communities and organizations can apply to receive financial assistance for the purchase of recreation equipment for the implementation and delivery of recreation programs. Through the purchasing of proper equipment a community can provide opportunities for safe and quality recreation programming. Preference will be given to those applicants who demonstrate barriers to accessing safe and quality equipment for community recreation program delivery. Note: You must save the form then you will be able to enter the data into the form fields.

(Guidelines and Application) (Sample Application)

(Follow-up Report)

Application deadlines: April 1st and October 1st.


Community Summer Play Initiative

The Community Summer Play Initiative supports the development and delivery of rural community summer play programs and training of leaders to lead and implement quality and safe programs. Successful recipients of the Community Summer Play Initiative may receive up to a maximum of $2000 in assistance to help cover the costs of program materials, program leader contracts and program leader training (HIGH FIVE®). Note: You must save the form then you will be able to enter the data into the form fields.

2017 Guidelines & Application    Follow-up