Peer Sharing and Networking

Peer sharing sessions and networking gatherings offer participants the opportunity for mutual learning with others working in areas of sport, culture and recreation by sharing best practices, lessons learned, knowledge, experience and resources.

Southeast Connection works with local community organizations and groups to plan and co-host regional gatherings across the south east that meet the needs of the district’s communities. While these unique events differ in their format and topic, all take a sport, culture or recreation perspective, facilitate local connections and provide an interactive opportunity for learning and knowledge exchange.

  • Recreation Practitioners’ Meeting
    The meeting is a great opportunity for people in the Sport, Culture and Recreation field to come together to collaborate, share successes and challenges as well as interact with District staff, provinicial organizations and other Recreation Practitioners.
  • Cultural Gathering
    Whether you are involved with a museum, library, theatre, choral orgranization, heritage site or art council, or just have an interest in culture, this meeting is for you! Join a growing network of individuals and organizations interested in sharing, discussing, and obtaining infromation on cultural development in south east Saskatchewan!

Join A Regional Volunteer Network!

As a member of a Regional Volunteer Network, you’ll be able to take advantage of the knowledge and experiences of fellow recreation volunteers from neighbouring communities, and have access to new ideas on events and programs that you can bring back to your community. Also, as part of a Regional Volunteer Network, you will be able to take full advantage of Southeast Connection’s Consultants, who can offer their specific areas of expertise related to the network meeting agendas.

Watch the Regional Volunteer Network video (below)
To learn more: Regional Volunteer Network Information