Training and Leadership Development

A strong contingent of local leadership is required to fulfill the sport, culture and recreation needs in communities. Whether it is the recreation director, community coach, artist or parent volunteer, the sport, culture and recreation sector relies heavily on these leaders to develop and deliver programs and events as well as manage facilities.

It is a priority for Southeast Connection to support community leaders to leverage their existing assets while also developing their skills and abilities, so that they become better equipped to address the needs in their own communities. We offer a variety of training opportunities to support community volunteers and leaders including:

Programs and Services Information

Workshop Series

There is a need in the south east to offer education and training to individuals in communities to provide opportunities for them to grow as community leaders. The purpose of the Southeast Connection Workshop Series is to reduce financial and transportation barriers by providing workshops in communities to address multiple issues within sport, culture and recreation. Grant writing, fundraising, rink board and pool board workshops are just some examples of training opportunities that we can deliver!

Facility Management Course

The Recreation Facility Management Course is intended to be an introductory workshop. The Course will provide participants information and examples in a number of areas that are often overlooked or not implemented at the management level.

The Course will be divided into three (3) modules:

  • Employee Safety and Training
  • Management Practices
  • Capital Planning and Budgeting

Contact Tara-Lee Heslip to find out more! [email protected]



MAXIMIZE Highlights coming soon! This amazing one-day learning event took place on September 23, 2017 in Kenosee Lake.


Recreation Board Development

Southeast Connection in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association is pleased to offer south east communities an opportunity to participate in the Recreation Board Development. 

The service is provided at no cost.

The next deadline is January 15, 2018.

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Coach Development

Coaches are mentors, motivators and leaders that have a profound impact on the future of our children. A variety of workshops and clinics including Fundamental Movement Skills, Sport Taping, Making Ethical Decisions and National Coaching Certification Program courses are offered which provide development opportunities to south east coaches.

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***There are currently no coaching clinics scheduled in the south east through Fall 2017.

Upcoming NCCP Courses 

iGNITE Youth Event

The iGNITE Youth event on April 26, 2017 was a huge success! Like-minded proefessionals and volunteers from across the south east came together to share ideas, connect, collaborate and network.

Check out some of the highlights from this amazing event!





HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s only comprehensive quality standard for organizations providing recreation and sport programs to children aged 6-12. Through HIGH FIVE® training, front line recreation, sport and after school leaders learn how to incorporate the Principles of Healthy Child Development into their everyday programming.


Take the Lead!

Take the Lead! is a resource focused on leadership skill development and increased physical activity in youth, primarily ages 11-14. The purpose of the program is to train and mentor young people so they can lead active play at noon hour, recess time and after school with positive behaviour and attitude. Youth ages 11-14 are taught leadership skills and games and are then asked to take these games and skills and use them to provide active safe play opportunities for their peers.

Community or school volunteers are trained as Leadership Coaches and mentor the youth through the process of planning these activities for their peers. To learn more, please contact us.


Community Initiatives

Southeast Connection continually works to support groups through various community initiatives to increase participation and access to sport, culture and recreation activities.

Volunteer Resources
Southeast Connection recognizes how valuable your time is so we have compiled several resources to help you continue to build and retain a strong volunteer base in your community and organization.

Interest in hosting a Volunteerism Workshop in your community?

Contact Tara-Leigh Heslip, Coordinator- Community Development, at 306.695.2006 for more information.